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What is soul counselling ?

What is soul counselling and how does it work ?

Many people often wonder what Soul Counselling is or what a Psychic Counsellor does ?

As an integrative Counsellor I have the ability to draw information from the energy field around you and facilitate your healing process in a more holistic manner.

When working with me you will notice different sensations within your physical body and your mind, some of my clients also report experiencing a surge of energy and feeling as though they are lighter and ready to start fresh afterwards.

My abilities also allow me to bring those things from deep within you and show you a different way of living a more connected life.

Another component that takes place throughout the sessions is the reintegration and healing from past trauma and the release of that burden.

My gifts allow me to see and sense beyond the physical body and bring forward the right information from the quantum field you need to hear at that moment.

What Soul Counselling offers people are the following:

  • Offering a safe space to explore who they truly are and to reconnect with the source within.
  • Offering healing to integrate the past and start a new chapter from a new place within themselves.
  • Learning to aquire self-acceptance and cultivate positive self-esteem.
  • Release old patterns and wounds.

About Me

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    More about Soul Psychic Counselling

    My gifts expand far beyond the limited conscious mind; however, I  am able to connect with light beings thought the sessions that help support the healing to take place.

    When working with me, you will experience healing at many levels, such as body-mind and Soul.  Throughout the sessions, you will receive the information and the energy transmission that will facilitate your healing.

    My aim is to help empower you to find your inner strengths and guide you back to self-love and acceptance of the self. It’s never easy to let go of old patterns, and the mind can trick you every time if you allow it.

    You will start to notice that after a few sessions with myself, your energy will feel lighter, and you will gain the clarity required in order  for you to move forward and create the necessary changes.

    The sessions are tailored to help you gain self-trust and learn to understand who you are inside.

    Life’s challenges can leave us all feeling helpless at times without knowing which direction to take, let me show you that all the answers are actually within yourself and not outside of you.

    Awaken to the power within for I am here to show you who you truly are …you are not just a little human that is trying to make ends meet, you are a beautiful  Spiritual being. It’s normal to get lost in this world sometimes and feeling like you want to give up, it’s never too late to let yourself be supported by the energies around you.

    “I will help you awaken the angel within yourself, and then I will show you your true life purpose; The rest is up to you.”

    Becoming a conscious human being requires personal responsibility, it means that you stop playing the games of being unconscious and small. That will definitely prevent you from living your best life indeed.


    ‘Where focus goes energy goes’ Saint Germain

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