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I have been working with Christina for a few months now and she has helped me immensely with my marriage breakdown and is helping me to find me again and my happiness.

My life is more full and enjoyable and she came to me at the time I needed her most.

I will be forever grateful to Christina and her work.

She truly is a blessing and a beautiful person.


Gold Coast

( 01.02.2020 )

I have been seeing Christina on an off for years. She has been with me through my journey of adolescence through to adulthood and has supported me in more ways I can even explain with words.
She has always been extremely patient, non-judgmental and probably one of the rare few counsellors you will ever meet that genuinely cares about you on a personal level.

What she has taught me more than anything is how to actually help myself. She really is about helping you find strength within yourself (even when you might believe you have none at all) to self-heal and grow through whatever difficulties you may be experiencing.

She is a profound worker and has gone out of her way to self-educate and look into different techniques to try, as she truly understands that we are all individual, and there is no “one size fits all”.

I have struggled with childhood traumas, triggers and anxieties so bad that I thought I would have to live with the rest of my life.
Christina has actually helped heal me, which is something I never even thought possible.

Unfortunately some people never seem to find a counsellor that they gel with, however if you are considering Christina or are lucky enough to be able to have sessions with her, I can guarantee she is a really rare find. Her work with you will be nothing short of remarkable.

I no longer see her all the time however I know that whenever I feel the need she will always make time for me. I am so grateful for everything she has helped me through. I am actually a healthy, happy person now and who knows how long it would have taken to get here without the time we shared working together.

She changes lives.

Look forward to seeing you again sometime in the future Christina X – Sharnae


Sharnae Buenen

Gold Coast

( 24.01.2020 )

Cristina is absolutely amazing in her work.

I was very skeptical about seeing a counsellor initially however my mind was changed from the first session.

Highly recommend her services to everyone.

Gemma Mann

Gold Coast

( 10.08.2019 )

Christina has transformed my life. She is very empathetic, compassionate and caring . I have gained more clarity around my life and learnt to focus on different areas to achieve bigger results..

Her gentle and thorough approach to life is incredible. Through the toughest times In my life she has helped me get through them without feeling like I was being judged or in a Psychologist room.

Her insight to your needs and connection to you if more than I have ever felt or seen in a therapist before. I would really recommend her to anyone needing to talk, claim clarity, or just need a listening ear and beautiful heart to hear your words and make them sounds less hurtful and gets clarity.

I have struggled with grief, relationship issues, insecurity and trust issues. Slowly I am moving forward with life and only because of Christina…..

Thank you Christina, look forward to more sessions and achieving more results.

Sonya Whitestyles

Gold Coast

( 02.06.2018 )

Christina is so lovely, kind and extremely insightful. She has been able to help me come to conclusions and learn about myself in such a short period of time. She thinks outside of the box, which is so refreshing compared to majority of psychologists. I would most definitely recommend Christina!


Gold Coast

( 30.05.2018 )

I started seeing Christine at a really complex time in my life. Nothing was working out for me, and I was sort of a mess. No matter how bad things got Christine was so understanding, focused, and optimistic that it grounded and inspired me through this really difficult time. Today my life is so much better and I don’t think I could have gotten to this point without her wonderful counselling and guidance.



( 23.03.2018 )