Client Consent Form | Gold Coast Counselling

Client Consent Form

    Please understand that the privacy of all communication between you and your counsellor at Soul counselling is protected. Your Counsellor keeps basic information in order to record the session.

    The information is kept secure and will not be disclosed unless:

    A client is threatening serious bodily harm to themselves or another:

    Under legally binding court order to disclose information, give testimony or deposition:

    When a Counsellor is seeking professional advice from a mental health professional or a supervisor, names will not be usually revealed in these cases.

    We do appreciate prompt arrival for appointments; please inform us if you are running late.

    I have read and discussed the above information with my therapist. I understand the benefits and risks of counselling, the nature and limits of confidentiality, and what is expected of me as a client of Soul Counselling.

    [signature Consent-101]